Fotoaparat Agfa Isomat - Rapid

  • Naziv: Fotoaparat Agfa Isomat - Rapid
  • Zemlja porekla: Minhen, Nemačka
  • Proizvođač: Agfa Camerawerk AG
  • Model: Isomat - rapid
  • Godina proizvodnje: 1965.
  • Fabrički broj: 6120
  • Period gradnje: 02/1965 - 02/1966.
  • Opis: Agfa has used the Rapid principle (of which he is the inventor) on a large number of devices, whose name contains the word " Rapid ". On the '' Isomat-Rapid '' , it is possible to adjust the focusing distance, either according to a meter / feet scale, or according to three pictogramsrepresenting a landscape, a group of three people or the faces of two people. For the aperture adjustment, the scale mentions 4.5 8 11 and 16, a Flash position and an A position. In this last position it is the incorporated cell that manages the exposure. A red / green signal in the viewfinder indicates whether the exposure is correct or not. Although the film is 35mm, the resulting photo is 24 x 24mm (16 frames). The film sensitivity is automatically adjusted by the Rapid charger .


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